Annual Easter Fly-In at the Paeroas

Met Service is forecasting fine days for Easter with light winds! and we know Met Service never gets it wrong. 

So come one and come all and enjoy the flying. 

If it is anything like last weekend when the Auckland PG and HG leagues were held simultaneously there, it will be FANtastic just ask Jeff and Geoff who won the leagues.

Be sure to book at Waikite early so as not to be disappointed. Camping is limited after their improvements there so it may be necessary to sort out the sports field for camping.

Here's the link to the Event on Cloudbase Flying

Telomoyo Cup 2015

September 27 until October 4, 2015. Mount Telomoyo is located in Central Java Province of Indonesia.

Take off site is 1950 meters above sea level or 1500 meters above landing site.

The first international hang gliding competition in mount Telomoyo was in 2014.

Sept 26 : Registration and technical briefing.
Sept 27 : official practice day and welcome dinner.
Sept 28 : Competition day 1.
Sept 29 : Competition day 2
Sept 30 : Competition day 4
Oct 01 : Competition day 4
Oct 02 : Competition day 5
Oct 03 : Competition day 6
Oct 03 : Closing ceremony


Facebook Page: TELOMOYO CUP 2015. Hang gliding competition.

Tove Heaney was comp director in 2014
She is happy to answer any questions as well