Stolen PG Gear

Hi guys, my paragliding has robbed yesterday (27/11/2015) in my car in Christchurch. 

Maybe the guys didn't know what it was and try to sale it. 

It's a zunzun 19m2 green with a red harness Karpofly. 

Thank you to broadcast it.

Clairon De la Lune

The Soaring Kiwi and the Sauerkraut


I’m an ex-Wellington club hg and pg pilot, who moved to Munich, Germany around 14 years ago.

I’ve just released a (self-published) book that I reckon NZ pilots would find funny and interesting.

The book is initially available as an eBook on Amazon, iTunes and Kobo, but is coming out in paperback and will also be available in other stores in NZ in the next couple of weeks.

You can find out more here:


Phil Southward

About the Video Montage

Due to problems with Vimeo and YouTube RSS feeds, we have had to change the way the Montage is created.

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2015 Paragliding XC Championships Wrap Up

The PG Competition Committee (PCC) has finalised and confirmed the results of the 2015 Paragliding Cross Country Championships, and an end-of-season report which includes the North Island table, season site best flights and milestone achievement flights, can be found here.

Annual Easter Fly-In at the Paeroas

Met Service is forecasting fine days for Easter with light winds! and we know Met Service never gets it wrong. 

So come one and come all and enjoy the flying. 

If it is anything like last weekend when the Auckland PG and HG leagues were held simultaneously there, it will be FANtastic just ask Jeff and Geoff who won the leagues.

Be sure to book at Waikite early so as not to be disappointed. Camping is limited after their improvements there so it may be necessary to sort out the sports field for camping.

Here's the link to the Event on Cloudbase Flying

Telomoyo Cup 2015

September 27 until October 4, 2015. Mount Telomoyo is located in Central Java Province of Indonesia.

Take off site is 1950 meters above sea level or 1500 meters above landing site.

The first international hang gliding competition in mount Telomoyo was in 2014.

Sept 26 : Registration and technical briefing.
Sept 27 : official practice day and welcome dinner.
Sept 28 : Competition day 1.
Sept 29 : Competition day 2
Sept 30 : Competition day 4
Oct 01 : Competition day 4
Oct 02 : Competition day 5
Oct 03 : Competition day 6
Oct 03 : Closing ceremony


Facebook Page: TELOMOYO CUP 2015. Hang gliding competition.

Tove Heaney was comp director in 2014
She is happy to answer any questions as well

St Arnaud League

It's time for me to set the precise dates for the St Arnaud League, if it is to be held this coming weekend, so I am setting the competition dates to be: Friday, February 27 to Sunday, March 1.

First briefing is scheduled for 9:30 am on Friday, February 27 at 125 Main Road, St Arnaud.

On the evening of Wednesday (Feb 25) I will be either confirming or cancelling the competition.

If it is cancelled, then it will be because I am postponing the St Arnaud Paragliding League regional competition until the best three days of a fortnight later, March 13 to March 16.

Details of the competition, including latest updates, can be obtained from this Competitions forum post: More details

Note: The less formal St Arnaud XC Camp is still happening this week regardless to the regional competition being confirmed or not.

Kind regards
Tim Percival
Tasman Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club
Ph. 03 548 7397 or 022 646 3864,

Stolen Paragliding Gear

Hi everyone!

Please keep you eyes open for this stolen paragliding gear.

Ian Hornby
Southern Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club

Hi guys,
I'm Simon, a paraglider pilot travelling NZ for two months.
Unfortunately on 16th December in a car park in Wellington someone broken the car glass and stole
many things including my paragliding equipment.
At the police station during the report they told me that probably the thief would try to sell the
wings at a second hands store or on web.
Sincerely, I don't think that the thief recognised what specifically was in the backpack,
as he took all the backpacks and bags in the car indistinctly.

below the details and a picture:
Icaro wing prototype speed fly.
Yellow and red on top surface, white on the bottom surface.

Reversable advance harness green and black

Icaro jet limit parachute.

Please, if anyone sees the wing please contact the police station in Wellington (Sergent Daniel Hughes) or
contact me at +39 331 9152891.

I'm in the south and leaving from Christchurch on 2nd Feb.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Thank you to everyone and have a nice fly! 

St Arnaud Paragliding League and XC Camp - Feb 26-Mar 3rd

This is a reminder (or first notice if you have missed it in Airborn magazine), of the concurrent St Arnaud Paragliding League and paragliding "XC Camp” events being run during the period Thurs, 26th February to Tues, 3rd March.  The league is a Regional Competition, part of the NZ competition calendar, while the XC Camp is a freer format event with the aim of creating opportunities to fly cross-country in the company of others.

For details of these events, see this Competitions forum post, which will be the primary place where I will be publishing updated information on these events.
Please contact me if you have an interest in attending and require further information on accommodation etc.


Tim Percival
Tasman Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club