St Arnaud Paragliding League and XC Camp - Feb 26-Mar 3rd

This is a reminder (or first notice if you have missed it in Airborn magazine), of the concurrent St Arnaud Paragliding League and paragliding "XC Camp” events being run during the period Thurs, 26th February to Tues, 3rd March.  The league is a Regional Competition, part of the NZ competition calendar, while the XC Camp is a freer format event with the aim of creating opportunities to fly cross-country in the company of others.

For details of these events, see this Competitions forum post, which will be the primary place where I will be publishing updated information on these events.
Please contact me if you have an interest in attending and require further information on accommodation etc.


Tim Percival
Tasman Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club

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