UPDATE Molesworth Fly Hike Camp

A permit has been obtained from DOC. Paramotoring is also allowed (with certain conditions).

I need a list of people and their car registration details.

Please email me at skf@paradise.net.nz and I will send you the link to the registration form!


More Information.


Just to confirm that the AGM will be held on Wednesday 10 December, 7:00pm at the No 6 (North Shore) Squadron, Air Training Corps facilities, located at 9A Achilles Crescent, Narrowneck.

As usual a selection of BBQ food and some drinks will be provided.

This is the event where we get to look back over the year and recognise those within the club who have contributed to our community (as well as those who have stuffed up their flights in some way!).

So please make an effort to attend and celebrate together.

We are also looking for nominations for both committee positions and the various awards to be handed out, so keep an eye out for an email with more details about how you can have your say on this.

See you there!

Kaimais League Postponed

Kaimais League postponed until next weekend – December 6 - 7

Geoff Christophers
027 872 3387

VNC Charts

Today I inquired with CAA why some information seemed to be missing off the aeronautical 1:500 000 VNC Charts.

Of particular interest was General Aviation Area's.

The response was that not all information below 9500 ft on the 1:500 000 maps is published, and indeed when one looks at a 1:500 000 chart there is a note/clause, "For complete aeronautical information refer to 1:250 000."

Therefore if you are thinking of buying a VNC Chart for your area I highly recommend you buy the 1:250 000.

The charts are prefixed with the letter C and number relating to a location, so for example the GAA at Moir Hill (G152) can be found on Map C3 Auckland 1:250 000, but will not appear on the B map 1:500 000.

Maps can be purchased directly on line at the AIP Shop at a cost of $16.35 each, go to; AIP Shop

Happy flying
Nick Taber
NZHGPA Airspace Officer
Tel: 03 5450766
Mobile: 021 420742

AHGPC 40th Anniversary/Reunion Memorabilia

Here's your chance to get a keepsake of the Club's 40th Anniversary/Reunion.

Place your orders for T-Shirts and Photo Albums here: Cloudbase


This weekend - 8,9th November.
Meet at the entry point to Kawahei (Zolas) on Te Aute Trust Road, 10am.
Moderate southerly forecast Saturday, light east Sunday.
Contact Grant - 027 636 3491. Be aware there's no cell coverage at the meeting point - I'll be out of contact round the meeting time.

November Hawkes Bay HG League

The Wellington Club is holding a Hang Gliding League on the 8th and 9th of November.

For more information contact Grant Tatham:

Mob: 027 636 3471


AHGPC 40th Anniversary/Reunion

The Auckland Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club's 40th Anniversary/Reunion is only two weeks away.

If you are thinking of coming, now is the time to get your tickets.

Go to the REUNION page at Cloudbase for more information.

Eventbrite - AHGPC 40th Anniversary Reunion


Our Safety Officer (Michell) will hold a HG WOF evening next Thursday (16th October) after work on the grass outside his office at 28 Angle Street Onehunga (you'll see us when you get there). Just show up with your glider from 5:30 p.m. onwards. 

After we're all done, there will be a BBQ at Michell's place next door. 

Pass the word around. If the weather is crappy, we'll postpone until the following Tuesday. 


This is the annual FREE Auckland Hang Gliding and Paraglding Club’s WOF evening, run by club safety officer Reuben Muir of Wings & Waves.
Tuesday, 14th of OCTOBER
4.30 to 6.30pm
at the hall of the Bayswater Primary school, top of Bayswater Avenue. 

The club will do a sausage sizzle at the same time. 

Annual WOFs are a legal requirement in NZ. At this same time, this is always a good opportunity to catch up and find out what’s new.

Please let us know if you will be there. info@wingsandwaves.co.nz

See you then,
:-) Eva and Reuben

Molesworth Fly Hike Camp - mid February 2015

I'm thinking about organising a "fly-hike camp" in Molesworth in the week following the PG Nationals in Wanaka (so from about 9 Feb). A permit would need to be applied for (see email from DOC below) and campsites booked. So, at this stage, just a preliminary expression of interest is required. Given that this will be a "new" activity for them to consider approving it would be a good idea to apply for a permit by mid-December at the latest - what would be needed by then is vehicle registration numbers and numbers of people.
Please comment / respond in my post on https://www.facebook.com/groups/flyhikenz/ 

Thanks for your email about paragliding in Molesworth. As you are a recreational group, you would not need to have a commercial-type permit. Recreational users of Molesworth may require a permit depending on what area of the Station they wish to use, at what time of year. Have a look at this page http://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-visit/marlborough/south-marlborough/molesworth-station/activities/molesworth-activity-permits/ and at the link on that page to the Molesworth map, for your planning. When you know when and where you wish to go, you can contact me directly or fill in the online form (access from the above link). Allow a couple of weeks for the application to be processed. I imagine that there is an element of unpredictability about where you would be landing and taking off, depending on weather conditions, and so the permit application form may not be able to capture all that information. It may be easiest to give me a call when you have a plan and we can talk through the details. All permit applications are run by the leaseholder (Station manager) to check that there is no conflict with farming operations.
Sounds like a lot of fun!
Kind regards,
Clare Moore
Partnerships Ranger — Kaitiaki Manutataki
Department of Conservation—Te Papa Atawhai
DDI +64 3 572 9741
Wairau Renwick Office
PO Box 51, Renwick 7243
Gee Street, Renwick 7204
T +64 3 572 9100