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Today I inquired with CAA why some information seemed to be missing off the aeronautical 1:500 000 VNC Charts.

Of particular interest was General Aviation Area's.

The response was that not all information below 9500 ft on the 1:500 000 maps is published, and indeed when one looks at a 1:500 000 chart there is a note/clause, "For complete aeronautical information refer to 1:250 000."

Therefore if you are thinking of buying a VNC Chart for your area I highly recommend you buy the 1:250 000.

The charts are prefixed with the letter C and number relating to a location, so for example the GAA at Moir Hill (G152) can be found on Map C3 Auckland 1:250 000, but will not appear on the B map 1:500 000.

Maps can be purchased directly on line at the AIP Shop at a cost of $16.35 each, go to; AIP Shop

Happy flying
Nick Taber
NZHGPA Airspace Officer
Tel: 03 5450766
Mobile: 021 420742

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