Photos Required

Its time to refresh the images in our Home Page Slideshow.

And we would like you to give us your best shots.

They should be -
  • Your own photos
  • You are willing to let them be used for the purpose of display on the NZHGPA Website
  • Have an accompanying short description, a few words, who/what/where
  • Think along the lines of Who we are, What we do, Why we do it
  • Positive vibe
  • Preferably New Zealand centric
  • Not necessarily recent
  • Non commercial
  • Aspect ratio 8:11 h:w (eg: 400px : 550px)
  • Size 500 KB or less/thereabouts
You can email them to

Let us know who you are, as anonymous contributions can not be used.

Once received they will be reviewed before been selected and published in the Slideshow. We reserve the right to reasonably manipulate the image for our Slideshow requirements.

Launching at Moir Hill - Photo: Tony Cowley

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